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Bike Competitions

Custom builds are an everyday part of a biker or bike enthusiasts lifestyle these days. Why not show off your skills and secure your bragging rights by entering our exclusive competitions at UK Bike Fest 2019.


UK Bike Fest 2019 has a series of bike competitions for this years event, as well as a Go-Slo race which can be entered beforehand only and which will take place at the event itself.



Best Of Show

Best Custom

Best Chop

Best Harley

Best Trike

Best Scooter

Best Street Fighter

Best Rat

Best Paint

Go Slow Race

Rules for this one are simple - enter the competition, when the race begins you will be riding your bike, as slowly as possible in order to reach the finish line LAST. If your feet go down to the floor even ONCE, you will be eliminated! Last to reach the finish line takes home the prize!



All entries to all competitions must be sent via e-mail to info@ukbikefest.co.uk. Your subject line will be automatically filled with the words "COMPETITION ENTRY", please leave this wording in place and include in the body of the e-mail the following information.



Telephone Number

Which category and competition you wish to be entered into and details of the bike/part you wish to be considered for competition.